Friday, 9 December 2011


Images courtesy of rag & bone 

DIY usually refers to a person getting stuck into odd jobs around the house - not high-end fashion photography.  However, rag & bone's DIY Project is just that!  
Using their favourite models and muses (Edita, Sasha, Abbey Lee, Lily, Karolina, Carolyn, Miranda, Mina, Candice and Hanneli) - rag & bone sent a box of new season clothing and denim to each of these lovely ladies and asked them to shoot their own campaign with a basic point and shoot camera.  The result...raw and revealing photographs that, despite the lack of hair and make-up artists, studio lighting, a world famous photographer and retouching, are truly inspired!  It is definitely one of my favourite campaigns and I cannot wait to see who makes the list next!  View the full DIY Project here...

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