Monday, 4 June 2012

From NZ...

Mt Cook
© Ashley Cameron Photography you may have noticed, I have been absent from ash-cam for the last couple of days while I executed a rather exciting plan!  On Friday night, I left Melbourne and flew through the night to surprise my Mum back home in New Zealand.  After a few mishaps regarding our ever-changing turned out I had to instead fly to Queenstown rather than Christchurch in order to get to her.  Despite the travel time and my extreme exhaustion, it was definitely worth it to see her face as I snuck up behind her at the airport.  While she thought she was simply collecting my brother, in fact, she got two for the price of one!  For the last three days we have explored the cute wee streets of Queenstown, devoured some of New Zealand's most delicious food and wine and caught up on the last six months.  Now that I am back in Christchurch, I am super excited to see some of my long-lost friends and document the huge changes in the landscape since the February earthquake last year.  I will endeavour to keep ash-cam up and running over the next week, but I promise, there will be loads of travel snaps to post once I get back to Melbourne next weekend.  Hope everyone in NZ had a great Queens Birthday weekend xx

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