Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Wasson and the Wild Horses...

Images courtesy of Oracle Fox

So...I may have a not-so-secret girl crush on Erin Wasson.  But can you blame me??  Everytime I see her I am torn between my insane jealousy (usually of her effortlessly cool get-up) and my admiration of her complete amazingness (hmm..not a word).  Not once have I ever stumbled upon an editorial featuring the Texan beauty that I have not immediately wanted to rip out of the magazine and pin on my wall.  In every way, she is my idea of perfection.  In her new editorial for C Magazine Wasson is a breath of fresh air, floating along the beach in all her tressed deliciousness and riding horses in the surf.  Photographed by Hilary Walsh, Wasson looks absolutely stunning in soft silks and spring patterns, her natural beauty doing all the hard work.  Definitely one for the mood board...x

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