Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Street Style Paris...

Images courtesy of Tommy Ton for Style.com

I can't really pinpoint the moment that I knew I wanted to work in fashion...I guess it's just something that has been ingrained in me since I first pulled on my sunflower print dress as a child.  However, what  I can say is that my reason for wanting to work in fashion has remained the same - as a young girl I remember the joy I got from choosing out my own outfit for the day (like any woman, I had my favourites), my love of shopping also began young with the thrill of a new purchase and a new identity along with it, and even now, every morning I relish the moment that I get to choose a new ensemble, play with colour and become a new person.  I am drawn to the diversity of fashion.  

With every fashion week that comes and goes, I think it is this same sentiment that gets me so excited as new street style pics get posted.  The women in Tommy Ton's photographs own it.  While each of them clearly has their own signature style, you can see in their confidence how much pleasure they have taken in simply getting dressed.  And let's be honest...no matter what you wear, it is always going to look good in Paris x

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