Friday, 9 November 2012

Finding Home...

© Ashley Cameron Photography

As promised, I finally sat down this afternoon and sorted through the photographs Nath and I took on our road trip a couple of weeks ago...two days, lots of takeaways, lots of laughs and one seriously packed van!  While it's certainly possible to do the whole trip in a day, I'm so glad we decided to take the scenic route and enjoy the ride.  Taking our trip slightly off the map, we ended up weaving our way through one of the most gorgeous National Parks and seeing more wildlife than I ever thought we would have.  One brown snake, a wombat and more wallabies and kangaroos than I could count and I definitely feel like this little Kiwi got a good taste of the Australian outdoors.  Not only that, but as you can see, we stayed in quite the love shack motel in Bega (yes, the home of Bega cheese!)...romance at its best x

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