Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Home Sweet Home...

© Ashley Cameron Photography

Finally...new house and new beginnings!  I must admit, once again, I have been rather spoilt when it comes to choosing our new abode and moving all of our (my) stuff, again!  Poor Nath seems to draw the short straw everytime and with me pulling some long days at work, he was left to sort things out alone.  Well, after finally seeing our new Randwick home in the flesh I am more than impressed and feel very lucky to have such a hard-working boy on my arm.  After a couple of late nights unpacking, everything seems to have once again found a home and now we can sit back and enjoy our new space.  Hopefully the blog is back on track now that I am all sorted and settled so watch this space as ash-cam takes on Sydney...x

PS.  On one of the first nights in our new home we were witness to this stunning electrical storm...after dragging the camera and tripod out for a bit of a play, we got some pretty amazing shots!  Loving the new view!

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